I'll try to keep this short & sweet

Hi, I'm Asti! (Aus-tee)

I was born with a paintbrush in my mouth and a desire to create. I’m based in the PNW, but my story didn’t start here… Four years ago, I decided to take a risk. I packed two suitcases, left my family farm in rural Pennsylvania, and hopped on a plane to pursue my career in design. 2,000 miles later, I arrived in Oregon, where I’ve been working in the outdoor creative industry ever since.

Ok, lets get down to business. I am an easy-going, hard working individual specializing in conceptual design and out-of-the-box ideas. I am use to wearing many hats, working under short deadlines, and juggling multiple projects. Currently, I am working as a Graphic Designer at 7-Nation, parent company of Slingshot Sports, Ride Engine, and Moonshine MFG. When I'm not glued to my screen, you can find me exploring, learning the banjo, or devouring some great food.


Asti Faivre